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  Antelope Valley Music Choice Awards

Rock the Vote!

The Ballot will look similar to the example above



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Up Date 09/17/2012

How to Vote

The Spectator will be voting for this event.

Throughout the competition the same judging criteria used will ensure a fair competition in each level.

There are five different aspects the audience will use to decide the winner: marketability, originality of performance, vocal and instrumental abilities, stage presence, and overall charisma. Additional points 0-3 can be awarded if the contestants perform original music.

28 points maximum.

Marketability (0-5)

Originality of performance (0-5)

Vocal and instrumental abilities (0-5)

Stage presence (0-5)

Overall charisma (0-5)

Original music additional points (0-3)

For simplicity: The way to tally your vote will be to take the first 5 aspects, total them and put that number in the Top section of the box. If the band plays an original (s) put that score in the Bottom section of the box.

Like this! 

Aspect Total

Original Total

Grand total 22 points







The Score


Third Round Oct. 14th


Blue Collar Combo


Jacob Nelson & The Tone Wranglers


Sizzling Cell


Darkness Protocol


# 1 (866) going to the Finals # 2 (589) # 3 (524) # 4 (523) # 5 (284)  

Special Thanks To:

Comedian:  Jeremy Bracewell


Second Round Sept. 16th


This Side Up



Seventh Switch

Duane Mark & The Copper Kings


Backstage Pass

# 1 (963) going to the Finals # 2 (737) # 3 (606) # 4 (450) # 5 (419)  

Special Thanks To:

Comedian:  Jeremy Bracewell


First Round Sept. 2nd

No Strings Attached

# 1 (1064) Going to the Finals

So Long Sucker

# 2 (827)


# 3 (826)

CopperHill Band

# 4 (549)

Keeftowne Blend

# 5 (512)

     The Vote      

Note: We've had a few folks say that we need to make the scoring system easier for the general public. However most everyone that
filled out their ballots got it! One might think that a tally of 200+ points over the rest is a lot of votes... But really when it
comes right down to it 8 to 10 perfect scores from ones fans is all it takes to put a band over the top!



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